• Shohistahon Uljaeva
  • Bakhtigul Mamadaminova
  • Guzal Tosheva


This article provides some analysis of the Battle Mud Battle in 1365 between Amir Temur and the Mongols.
Amir Temur is a great general and statesman who left a great mark on the political, military-defense, state security, economic, social, and cultural-educational management of Uzbek statehood. In the period when the oppression of the Mongols
increased, the violence and disunity of the local governors increased, he rushed to the field, drove out the enemies from this dear homeland, which was left without a single leader, protected the rights of the people oppressed by humiliation and oppression,
eliminated violence in the Eurasian region, established the order of the world, not only in Central Asia. rather, it is our great ancestor who fought hard for the prosperity and well-being of all regions. According to the information, it was difficult and dangerous to pass through the caravan and pilgrimage routes, but during the time of Amir Temur, no one's property
equal to one misqal (equal to 4.68 grams.) was looted, regardless of race, religion, nationality, and the flow of pilgrims' caravans increased. In a word, he connected regions and countries through caravan routes for mutually beneficial cooperation. The Middle Ages were a time of wars. As wars are a part of human history, military power and might will continue to play an important role in the peace and stability of the state. As a representative of his time, he knew very well that the time belonged to the great. After all, it is a fact that military power has always occupied a political position. Amir Temur paid great attention to the military and
defense sector to maintain the security and stability of the state even in those times when the words of the powerful were sharp. According to Amir Temur's concept, the wealth of the people causes the treasury to be constantly filled, the wealth of the treasury affects the supply of soldiers and the maintenance of a constant state of war, which is one of the important bases for the maintenance of state borders and peace. Therefore, it follows the path of solving defense issues by strengthening the economy and increasing the income of the people.