Publication Policy

Submission of a manuscript to Journal of Advanced Scientific Research (JASR) for publication implies that the same work has not been either published or under consideration for publication in another Journal. Authors, in their cover note to the Editor, have to clearly mention whether the manuscript shall be considered as a Research Paper, Short Communication or Review Article and also confirm that the manuscript has not been submitted to any other Journal for publication. For speedy, faster receiving and processing, the Manuscripts are accepted by email only.

Manuscripts will be subjected to peer review process to determine their suitability for publication provided they fulfill the requirements of the journal as laid out in the instructions to authors. After the review, manuscripts will be returned for revision along with reviewer’s and/or editor’s comments.

Finally accepted manuscripts in the pdf file format will be sent to the corresponding author for final proofreading. Authors are requested to check their proof pages carefully against manuscript and to send the filled correction format to the editor. The request for modifications and/or changes in the manuscript will not be entertained once it is published to the web.

Provide original work, which is not published elsewhere in any medium by the authors or anyone else, and is not under consideration for publication in any other medium. Authors must be careful when they reproduce text, tables or illustrations from other sources. Plagiarism will be viewed seriously.