• Xalilova Sevara Abdumannonovna


Medicine is a set of knowledge and practical activities in this field to preserve and strengthen human health, prolong life, prevent and treat diseases. Medicine is important in the theoretical and practical activities of mankind. Everyone wants to maintain and strengthen their health, as well as to recover quickly when they fall ill. The use of modern methods in the detection, prevention and treatment of the disease has made it possible to save human life, as well as cure previously incurable diseases. But it cannot be said that medicine has achieved all its goals. There are still cases of premature death, premature aging and severe diseases among people. It is known that a person's health largely depends on him, because the disease is often caused by a person's wrong way of life, inability to protect his health, factors such as unknowingly engaging in harmful factors for health and not following the rules of personal hygiene, improper nutrition.